What women are saying…

“This whole weekend has been truly amazing – it’s hard to put yourself out there and be vulnerable in your writing, your expression, and your intention and feel so loved and accepted in return. I’ve been on a writing journey this past year and Cultivate has really struck a chord on my pathway. I wondered if the meditation would work for me and what its place would be in the context of this retreat – and it’s really been moving and connective and on a level of strength I hadn’t anticipated. Both Jen & Stacy have a way of speaking – both in tone and message – that work in harmony, giving you something, revealing something within yourself. You have really done great work here.” ~ Cammie C.

“I thought I was just coming for the writing. What I found is I was really here for the self-reflection that comes from writing and the meditation was absolutely the catalyst for that. And, the group of women really held the space for everyone. The small group was perfect.” ~ Bobbi C.

“Nurturing, healthy, life-affirming.” ~ Lori S.

“I loved that I felt safe in sharing. The group of women all brought amazing energy to the group. Jen and Stacy facilitated the purpose and direction really well. I experienced belonging, love and connectedness as well as creativity and self-expression.” ~ Debbie S

“I really loved the combination of meditation and writing. It was helpful both in getting settled before writing, and in accessing my interior space to feed the writing process.” ~ NB

“I left feeling energized. I had an awakening to the inner writer in me.” ~ Pat B.

“If you get a chance to attend a Cultivate retreat, do it, you deserve it. We live at a pace that doesn’t allow us to slow down and feel our feelings, notice our breathe, and our share our stories with each other. Jen and Stacy created such a warm and nourishing space for us to feel held and seen, and to explore and share our stories in an authentic and powerful way. I left feeling nourished and inspired to dive deeper into my writing and meditation practice. I went for the meditation practice and when the weekend was over, I realized that the writing practice was the missing link to deepening my meditation. Meditation itself, just being still and present in the moment, is an act of love and self-care, and adding a writing practice allowed me to put the sense of love and belonging I experience in meditation into action. Writing elevated my meditation practice and this was an unexpected gift from the retreat. You created such an powerful and engaging experience, a refuge from the daily grind, and it was exactly what I needed. I think I can safely say it was exactly what we all needed. There was a wide range of writing and meditation experience, and everyone seemed to share a similar experience of connection and heart opening transformation. This doesn’t just happen by accident, this was a result of the thoughtfulness and care you put into planning the retreat for us. So. Much. Love.” ~ Haley

“Cultivate provides a wonderfully supportive learning and explorative environment.” ~ AM

“A great space to open up, meditate, share and write and heal. This is a great place to just reset for self-realization and to connect with like-minded women.” ~ DS

“You don’t need to be a writer or into meditation. You just need to want to connect with yourself.” ~ Cynthia J