Jen Waldref
Jen sums up her life in six words: Writing words. Reading books. Raising boys. She is the former speechwriter for Washington Governor Jay Inslee, and an award-winning freelance writer who has published numerous articles online and in print, on topics ranging from politics to feminism to parenting. Whether it’s soaring rhetoric or spare prose, Jen is drawn to the emotional impact and power of the written word. She lives in Olympia, Washington, with her husband and three sons.

Stacy Scheel Hirsch, MES, CMT-P

Stacy is a trauma-informed mindfulness teacher, resilience coach, and organizational wellness consultant. She is passionate about helping people find safe and supportive ways to connect with their humanity so that they can live with more purpose, empathy, and a greater sense of belonging.


She is the founder and CEO of More Voices, LLC, a launchpad for a variety of creative projects and collaborations that aim to help the world live a more inspired story. Her projects include Life Takes Practice™ (LTP) where she teaches lifestyle programming for individuals and workplaces committed to Mindful. Resilient. Living. Through LTP, Stacy offers an online, free weekly meditation group called Pilgrimage Inside, that attracts participants from around the world.


Stacy loves to nourish herself with travel, especially when it involves hiking, kayaking, long treks through urban landscapes, or really great food. She lives in the beautiful Pacific Northwest, with her husband, daughter, opinionated cat, and a free-range, litter trained bunny.